By: Alistair Fox

Leaf etched with CO2

10th Feb 2011Carbon Capture & Storage

I’ve just returned from a fascinating conference, Carbon Capture & Storage: a strategy for industrial development…

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Smartphone OS Market Shares

02nd Feb 2011Android topples Symbian as top smartphone platform

An interesting smartphone OS article reports how Android has grabbed a huge share of the smartphone operating market since it’s launch in 2007.

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Electric Vehicle

13th Jan 2011Electric cars

New grants for electric cars will encourage EV use but will that be good for the environment?…

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12th Jan 2011Going up in smoke

Why does the government provide a fixed payment to pensioners without ensuring that their homes are properly insulated? Of course there are…

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06th Jan 2011Fade to… green

According to a recent Guardian article, in 2008 the UK ranked third from bottom on renewable energy in the EU ahead…

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24th Dec 2010Britain has the most fuel-efficient drivers in Europe

A recent Fiat study showed that British drivers are the most fuel-efficient in Europe…

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26th Nov 2010Inverse marketing

Best practice marketing would suggest that we should research what customers need and provide products or services to meet their needs….

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23rd Nov 2010Event – HEAT10 Cambridge

There’s an interesting event in Cambridge next week. The HEAT10 event on the 2nd December 2010 manages to bring together a…

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10th Nov 2010Keeping the lights on – an inconvenient truth

I was lucky enough to attend the IET President’s Address last month. I usually avoid this type of event because they…

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08th Nov 2010Simple steps to save the world #1

There’s a lot of great technology being developed to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels but some simple steps we can…

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