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Misaligned Bridge

10th Feb 2017Is your business partnership misaligned?

Something wrong? I’ve worked in a couple of B2B partnerships recently where problems with the relationship were threatening the future business….

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Open Book sales

03rd Jan 2017Is knowing it all a major barrier to sales?

I find fewer and fewer people these days prepared to admit that they might not know everything. It seems some people…

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Suited Man

06th Dec 2016The one way to win? A few thoughts on sales processes

It’s tricky isn’t it – I just don’t think there’s one winning way. If there is, it’s ‘adaptability’. What a cop…

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Lead Word Cloud

06th Sep 2016Why do you have MQL and SQL?

What’s wrong with MQL and SQL?! I was recently talking to a colleague about sales and marketing alignment when the question…

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Sales Team in the office

22nd Jun 2016The “science” of building a scalable sales team

Or is it B2B marketing? This is a great video from the guy that started Hubspot’s sales. What I liked about…

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Lead Genation - Money

06th May 2016Time to purge the word ‘lead’ from the marketing lexicon V2?

How do you define and qualify a ‘good’ lead? Many conversations with marketers has convinced me that we should remove the…

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Marketing to work - Small2

04th May 2016Few high-value customers; stop wasting resources on lead generation!

I recently spoke to a senior marketer with a large Systems Integrator (SI). Last year they appointed a new Sales VP and…

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Word Cloud with Lead Generation related tags

28th Apr 2016Can you generate demand?

I once worked with a great Sales and Marketing Director who would put his head in his hands whenever someone said:…

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Robot hand Biomechantronics

06th Oct 2014Innovation and marketing go hand in hand

Innovation is vital to our business success, but the key is to have innovation around the customer, not just in the business or laboratory.

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30th Sep 2014What to say when your boss/Sales/CEO tells you that marketing is all about getting leads

Suppose you are working in a business that sells high value solutions into a well targeted market: for example, cyber security to large enterprises, or managed network solutions to banks…

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