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Chasm (credit Alex iby)

19th Jun 2018Is there a Chasm?

The concept of ‘Crossing is the Chasm’ is widely accepted as the primary challenge of tech start-ups aiming for a mass…

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Lead Word Cloud

06th Sep 2016Why do you have MQL and SQL?

What’s wrong with MQL and SQL?! I was recently talking to a colleague about sales and marketing alignment when the question…

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Word Cloud with Lead Generation related tags

28th Apr 2016Can you generate demand?

I once worked with a great Sales and Marketing Director who would put his head in his hands whenever someone said:…

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30th Sep 2014What to say when your boss/Sales/CEO tells you that marketing is all about getting leads

Suppose you are working in a business that sells high value solutions into a well targeted market: for example, cyber security to large enterprises, or managed network solutions to banks…

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Marketing mix

15th Sep 2014Can you generate demand?

I once worked with a great Sales and Marketing Director who would put his head in his hands whenever someone said: “The aim of marketing is to generate demand”. We were selling high-value telecoms solutions, not hair spray…

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08th Sep 2014If sales people need leads to get new customers, how well do they know your customers?

Many marketers will hear the call from Sales that they need more leads, and better quality leads. But what if your company is selling into a well-defined market, with a small number of high-value customers? You should push back on Sales and help them exploit their existing relationships rather than investing in wasteful lead generation.

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Marketing Cloud

29th Aug 2014If marketing is about lead generation, who’s looking after the four Ps?

Marketers in technology businesses (should) have a wide remit, and if you are spending a large proportion of your time on lead generation how are you accomplishing the other, even more challenging tasks?

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23rd Jun 2014Cyber security needs sales enablement

The cyber security threat is a complex subject, which is still not well understood and not well recognised by businesses. There is a communication gap between the costs of security breaches and the perceived business benefits of cyber security solutions…

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QuickStart Strategy

03rd Jun 2014Next quarter: What are you going to do differently?

For businesses with a calendar financial year, the first half of the year is nearing an end. For others the second quarter has just started. Many companies conduct an annual marketing audit as part of the strategy process. However, it can be difficult to get an objective view from inside the company, and you may need to resist the pressure to do things that are reactive, rather than the best use of resources.

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Marketing Mix

12th Dec 2013How to prioritise marketing spend?

How do you decide upon, justify, or prioritise further investment in marketing?

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