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03rd Aug 2018Tesla Engineers

A recent LinkedIn post highlighted Tesla’s need for multi-disciplined engineers. I started my career as an engineer, developing automotive electronics. I…

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Look out of the window

10th Jul 2018Tech Change: Fear the reaper

Is Tech Change inevitable? Today’s technology companies can look dominant and permanent; is anyone going to topple Google, Apple and Amazon?…

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Bionic Hand

27th Apr 2016Innovation – It’s in your hands!

I’ve worked in large and small companies and have mentored at a tech incubator. But I’m still not sure how to…

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06th Oct 2014Innovation and marketing go hand in hand

Innovation is vital to our business success, but the key is to have innovation around the customer, not just in the business or laboratory.

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23rd Jun 2014Cyber security needs sales enablement

The cyber security threat is a complex subject, which is still not well understood and not well recognised by businesses. There is a communication gap between the costs of security breaches and the perceived business benefits of cyber security solutions…

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04th Feb 2013Technology Companies and Dividends

When is the Technology Sector, not the technology sector… and using ratios can be useful, but also misleading.

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04th Jul 2011Big bird with green wings

The first commercial airliner to fly across the Atlantic powered on all four engines by biofuel – the truth is somewhat different…

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21st Feb 2011Let’s put some weight behind the cleantech revolution

An article by Jeremy Leggett in which he, amongst other things, poses the questions “… why no Microsofts, Intels, Googles, or Facebooks have emerged yet among the cleantech industries. Why… has the cleantech revolution been so much more difficult to crack than the digital and Internet revolutions?”

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Smartphone OS Market Shares

02nd Feb 2011Android topples Symbian as top smartphone platform

An interesting smartphone OS article reports how Android has grabbed a huge share of the smartphone operating market since it’s launch in 2007.

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