Although some claim we live in ‘post fact’ world, I’d like to think that the correct facts are fundamental to good decision making, and indeed clarity of thought.

Of course, facts and statistics can be misused. Indeed, being selective with the information can be part of the bias. So, it’s good to use a reliable source. I would have thought that a global investment firm would have their facts right? Well here’s an extract from Janus Henderson Responsible Investing from last year:

Janus Henderson

“A rise of 1.2 degrees Celsius since 1880 might not seem large, until you consider that global average temperatures were around 13.7 degrees in the late 19th century. The subsequent rise represents a 9% change, and a rise of 2 degrees would equate to a frightening 15% change.”


This is making an important point but has used the wrong calculation. I don’t think the authors are trying to misinform. They just need to be more careful. You can see errors like this almost daily online and in newspapers.

They undermine an argument and may even encourage people to make the wrong decisions.