We focus on five areas proven to deliver short and medium term increases in profits through improved revenues and margins. See the Clients and sectors section for information on the sectors where we have expertise. For more information on Partner Development see our Partnership Framework website.

Sales and Partner Enablement
Enabling your sales teams and your channel sales teams to sell your product by focusing on how the product benefits are communicated and how your sales team skills can be enhanced.

What would happen if all your salespeople could sell as well as the best?

We help you to increase revenues by ensuring your sales teams and channel partners can communicate the benefits and positioning of your products and services. We capture the key information your salespeople need and communicate it to the whole of the salesforce, and your partners.

Having a fully effective sales team requires strong links between product groups, Marketing, and Sales. Expertek are able to bridge the gap between Sales, Marketing and Product groups. We maximise the effectiveness of your sales teams by arming them with the tools to clarify your product positioning, target the right markets and communicate benefits to your customers.

  • Sales Enablement Programme
  • Go to Market Strategies
  • Sales Planning Workshops
  • Integrating Marketing and Sales
  • Sales enablement platform consultancy
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Partnership Development
Identifying and developing the best route to your market whether it is through direct sales, distribution, partnerships, VAR, alliance, JV or one of the many other options.

Are your partners really excelling on your behalf?

We help you to identify and develop the right partnerships that will really impact sales. We improve your channel effectiveness through strategic channel or alliance design, and by optimising the selection, direction, enablement and motivation of partners.Partnerships and Channels can provide the best route for both physical product distribution and sales but they also present complex issues in terms of selection, development and commercial frameworks. Expertek has core expertise in developing routes to market for IT, Telecommunications, Electronic, and Engineering products and services. Choosing the wrong model or badly implementing it can cause channel conflict and loss of sales. Changes in competitive positioning, technology and markets may outdate existing strategies. We understand the full spectrum of channel options and how they can be implemented:

  • Route to Market Strategy and Channel Design
  • New routes to market
  • Partnership Development and Planning
  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • Partner Enablement

Download the Partnership Development one-pager

To find out more about Expertek’s approach to Partnership Development and Partner Enablement see our Partnership Framework

Product Management
Providing independent analysis on product portfolios and marketing plans, developing better segmentation, targeting and ‘go to market’ strategies. Value based pricing and commercialisation issues.

Do you believe your products should be getting to a wider market,or is it a challenge to break into new markets?

We position your product portfolio correctly and develop the correct segmentation to allow you to target the most receptive customers. By delivering enhanced customer focus through market segmentation, solution development and value-based pricing we ensure you have a coherent portfolio that the salesforce can sell.Product Management needs to be an in-house resource; we provide the skills, expertise and independence to optimise your product development investments, through skills development, process development and audits.

  • Solution Workshops QuickStart Solutions
  • Customer Focus and Feedback (Audit)
  • Segmentation
  • Profitability Analysis and Improvement
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Product Planning
  • Product Marketing Plans
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Programme Management
Launching (and re-launching) products and managing marketing campaigns designed to increase revenues and margins.

Working without a clear marketing plan can be costly and may not give you the effective marketing that generates sales. Are your products launched or leaked?

We increase the effectiveness of your product launches and marketing campaigns by integrating Sales and Marketing activities. By creating and implementing marketing plans and ‘Go To Market’ strategies we help you get sales traction and value for money from your internal resources and creative and communications agencies.Implementation of marketing plans isn’t just a communications activity, it requires programme management expertise and strong marketing skills to set priorities and manage changes. There is also a need to assess the impact on, and manage the interface with, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, etc.

Expertek provides experienced marketers to manage the process working closely with in-house and external agencies. By providing resource when you want it you minimise the in-house resources required while maximising Marketing’s contribution to sales.

  • Product Launches
  • Sales and Marketing Campaigns
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Environmental Technology Marketing
Identify the environmental benefits of your products and services, and develop strategies to reduce the impacts in the future.

Are you having difficulty communicating environmental benefits of your products, or are your competitors using ‘green wash’ in their marketing communications?

We help you to understand the environmental opportunity so you communicate the real benefits of your product to an increasingly environmentally aware market, and develop more environmentally sensitive products.

Many organisations are claiming environmental benefits for their products and putting a green shade on their marketing messages. But you risk damaging your reputation if the claims are unsubstantiated or you use inappropriate statistics. Companies, regardless of sector, are using the need to reduce their environmental impact as a driver to improve products and processes and reduce costs.

We take an informed yet pragmatic approach to helping you improve your environmental profile. By looking at both the product and your communications we ensure that you exploit existing environmental benefits while identifying improvements for the future. Our experience covers the automotive, energy and technology sectors, and we look to work with cleantech companies to help them exploit new developments.

  • Environmental performance
  • Programme management
  • Messaging
  • Sales training
  • Customer business cases
Download the Environmental Technology Marketing one-pager