June 2014

23rd Jun 2014Cyber security needs sales enablement

The cyber security threat is a complex subject, which is still not well understood and not well recognised by businesses. There is a communication gap between the costs of security breaches and the perceived business benefits of cyber security solutions…

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10th Jun 2014Three reasons to develop Customer Business Cases

Do you develop customer business cases – a financial evaluation of your solutions’ value to your customers? If you do you’ll know that it can be a challenging exercise; so is all the effort and investment justified?

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03rd Jun 2014Next quarter: What are you going to do differently?

For businesses with a calendar financial year, the first half of the year is nearing an end. For others the second quarter has just started. Many companies conduct an annual marketing audit as part of the strategy process. However, it can be difficult to get an objective view from inside the company, and you may need to resist the pressure to do things that are reactive, rather than the best use of resources.

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