September 2014

30th Sep 2014What to say when your boss/Sales/CEO tells you that marketing is all about getting leads

Suppose you are working in a business that sells high value solutions into a well targeted market: for example, cyber security to large enterprises, or managed network solutions to banks…

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15th Sep 2014Can you generate demand?

I once worked with a great Sales and Marketing Director who would put his head in his hands whenever someone said: “The aim of marketing is to generate demand”. We were selling high-value telecoms solutions, not hair spray…

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08th Sep 2014If sales people need leads to get new customers, how well do they know your customers?

Many marketers will hear the call from Sales that they need more leads, and better quality leads. But what if your company is selling into a well-defined market, with a small number of high-value customers? You should push back on Sales and help them exploit their existing relationships rather than investing in wasteful lead generation.

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