September 2016

Ten tips for building effective sales partnerships

22nd Sep 2016Ten tips for building effective sales partnerships

Here’re my ten suggestions for building effective sales partnerships: 1 Have clear Partnering Objectives: “Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.”…

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Sales Cycle

15th Sep 2016Why is knowing your Sales Cycle important?

Do you know the sales cycle for your B2B solution? Does it reflect what happens in real life, the best approach…

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Lead Word Cloud

06th Sep 2016Why do you have MQL and SQL?

What’s wrong with MQL and SQL?! I was recently talking to a colleague about sales and marketing alignment when the question…

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OEM Word

05th Sep 2016The Pros and Cons of OEM Partner Relationships

Synopsis Some companies, especially start-ups see an OEM Partner Relationships as a panacea, where the challenge of growing sales in multiple…

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