September 2019

Strategy Brainstorm

26th Sep 2019Partnership Framework 3/9 – Strategic Plan

For the third article in this series, we’re going to consider the Partnership Framework Strategic Plan  “Tactics without strategy is the…

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Setting Objectives - group of people.That's why we have a Partnership Framework Objectives section.

23rd Sep 2019Partnership Framework 2/9 – Objectives

For the second article in this series, I’m going to describe the Partnership Framework Objectives. “Sound strategy starts with having the…

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Audit - Eye

12th Sep 2019Partnership Framework 1/9 – Audit

Why should we audit anything – our partners are happy, we’re happy. What’s the point? When talking about the Partnership Framework,…

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Partnership Framework Diagram

05th Sep 2019Introducing the Partnership Framework

Why you need a Partnership Framework Large and small organisations, in both the public and private sector, are increasingly viewing partnerships…

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