By: Alistair Fox

20th Jun 2011Climate change price tag

You might think that renewables provided a good opportunity for EEF members but…

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09th Jun 2011Why do enterprises embrace sustainability?

SAP is an example of a corporate that tracks greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but is apparently happy when then rise…

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03rd May 2011Recycling – Par avion?

It’s always refreshing when manufacturers include recycling as part of their service. Having replaced the toner and drum on our laser…

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26th Apr 2011The green network

At times it appears that there are more sustainability, green and environmental organisations than people on the planet, but with the…

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28th Feb 2011Incentives

Judging from the media coverage of green technologies and cleantech there’s no lack of interest in the subject. One barrier that’s holding adoption back (or at least confusing the decision making) is the inconsistent government incentives…

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21st Feb 2011Let’s put some weight behind the cleantech revolution

An article by Jeremy Leggett in which he, amongst other things, poses the questions “… why no Microsofts, Intels, Googles, or Facebooks have emerged yet among the cleantech industries. Why… has the cleantech revolution been so much more difficult to crack than the digital and Internet revolutions?”

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Leaf etched with CO2

10th Feb 2011Carbon Capture & Storage

I’ve just returned from a fascinating conference, Carbon Capture & Storage: a strategy for industrial development…

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Smartphone OS Market Shares

02nd Feb 2011Android topples Symbian as top smartphone platform

An interesting smartphone OS article reports how Android has grabbed a huge share of the smartphone operating market since it’s launch in 2007.

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Electric Vehicle

13th Jan 2011Electric cars

New grants for electric cars will encourage EV use but will that be good for the environment?…

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12th Jan 2011Going up in smoke

Why does the government provide a fixed payment to pensioners without ensuring that their homes are properly insulated? Of course there are…

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