Energy Outlook BannerBP has just launched it’s latest Energy Outlook [link updated to latest edition].

The bad news is that most of these are carbon based, and therefore “Carbon dioxide emissions* are expected to grow by 26% between now and 2030”. BP adds a bit of greenwash with “in other words slower than energy demand”. BP calls this a “small silver lining here environmentally”.

Difficult to rationalise a silver lining with a 26% increase. In any other walk of life for example health or accidents this would be bad news. Still, BP is predominantly a fossil fuel energy company so we shouldn’t expect too much and the report is a great source of free statistics.

Finally, “…in fact BP supports additional measures being taken, in particular the widespread pricing of carbon emissions.” If only the carbon pricing of emissions was ‘at source’ then more of the fossil fuels might be left in the ground rather than extracted and burnt!

* It’s interesting that the term carbon dioxide emissions is used in this excerpt from the introductory speech. I haven’t checked but assume this means carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas effect. Other gases from fossil fuels, for example Methane, have much higher global warming potential relative to the same mass of CO2, so it would be erroneous to only quote CO2 emissions.