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Get the Facts

06th Sep 2018Get the facts right #1

Although some claim we live in ‘post fact’ world, I’d like to think that the correct facts are fundamental to good decision…

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Energy Outlook Banner

17th Jan 2013BP Energy Outlook 2030

The good news is that high prices and growing demand for energy have resulted in an increase in efficiency and the exploitation of new sources of energy. The bad news is that most of these are carbon based…

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08th Mar 2012Heat: degrees of comfort?

Reports relating to energy consumption and the environment are often far from being clear, specific and unbiased. Some are unreadable. In contrast…

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Lufthansa A321

27th Feb 2012Big bird with green wings #2

On the one hand it’s encouraging that airlines are experimenting with alternative fuels to lower their CO2 emissions. However, the hype…

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21st Nov 2011Energy for the future?

Bill Hicks once remarked ‘people who produce surveys get the answers they want’. Well there appears to be a spate of…

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12th Jul 2011It’s us!

Pushing for tighter regulation may be neccessary but it’s a very indirect route.

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20th Jun 2011Climate change price tag

You might think that renewables provided a good opportunity for EEF members but…

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09th Jun 2011Why do enterprises embrace sustainability?

SAP is an example of a corporate that tracks greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but is apparently happy when then rise…

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03rd May 2011Recycling – Par avion?

It’s always refreshing when manufacturers include recycling as part of their service. Having replaced the toner and drum on our laser…

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26th Apr 2011The green network

At times it appears that there are more sustainability, green and environmental organisations than people on the planet, but with the…

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