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Energy Outlook Banner

17th Jan 2013BP Energy Outlook 2030

The good news is that high prices and growing demand for energy have resulted in an increase in efficiency and the exploitation of new sources of energy. The bad news is that most of these are carbon based…

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Lufthansa A321

27th Feb 2012Big bird with green wings #2

On the one hand it’s encouraging that airlines are experimenting with alternative fuels to lower their CO2 emissions. However, the hype…

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21st Nov 2011Energy for the future?

Bill Hicks once remarked ‘people who produce surveys get the answers they want’. Well there appears to be a spate of…

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04th Jul 2011Big bird with green wings

The first commercial airliner to fly across the Atlantic powered on all four engines by biofuel – the truth is somewhat different…

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30th Jun 2011Don’t greenwash your brand

Siemens probably has a good track record in sustainability, but the person who linked the banner to the video did them no favours.

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