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Active listening

11th Jan 2021Shut up and listen: the traits that B2B buyers’ value in salespeople

These are the the traits that B2B buyers’ value in salespeople, according to one recent survey: Are these the traits that…

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Sales Planning at at laptop

03rd Dec 2020How to create a customer success story

What’s the best way to create a customer success story? Customer success stories communicate best practice and ‘what has worked’ to…

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What high-value B2B technology sales teams need…?

19th Oct 2020What does sales need…?

What does sales need… from Marketing? High-value B2B technology sales teams need marketing to: Develop and position the product/service to meet…

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Salesperson sitting at laptop - responses to the changing sales environment

14th Aug 2020Five key responses to the changing sales environment

What are your five key responses to the changing sales environment? Many companies, especially those selling complex solutions, have had their…

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Selling in the new sales environment Showing desk top with keyboard

04th Aug 2020Selling in the new sales environment

You are selling in the new sales environment. Like most other activities, COVID-19 and social distancing have affected sales. Depending upon…

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Note book for Sales Enablement

09th Feb 2020Sales Guide – the real benefits

How do you deliver the real benefits of a Sales Guide programme? We provide a process to capture the information required…

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People discussing business development

06th Nov 2019Partnership Framework 9/9 – Business Development

Business Development might be a rather obvious partnership activity. Our view it has two facets that you shouldn’t confuse. This is…

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People discussing partner enablement

31st Oct 2019Partnership Framework 8/9 – Partner Enablement

You have completed the heavy lifting of having a partnership strategy, recruiting partners and developing joint propositions. Now it’s time to…

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Joint Portfolio Development

31st Oct 2019Partnership Framework 7/9 – Joint Portfolio

Not every company will have a Joint Portfolio, but if you do, this article gives some guidance. “My model of business…

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Partners signing a Partnership Recruitment Contract

17th Oct 2019Partnership Framework 6/9 – Partner Recruitment Process

In this blog we move on to discuss the Partner Recruitment Process.  “What really matters in a networked age? Relationships.” Reid Hoffman…

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