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Lufthansa A321

27th Feb 2012Big bird with green wings #2

On the one hand it’s encouraging that airlines are experimenting with alternative fuels to lower their CO2 emissions. However, the hype…

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12th Jul 2011It’s us!

Pushing for tighter regulation may be neccessary but it’s a very indirect route.

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04th Jul 2011Big bird with green wings

The first commercial airliner to fly across the Atlantic powered on all four engines by biofuel – the truth is somewhat different…

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03rd May 2011Recycling – Par avion?

It’s always refreshing when manufacturers include recycling as part of their service. Having replaced the toner and drum on our laser…

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Electric Vehicle

13th Jan 2011Electric cars

New grants for electric cars will encourage EV use but will that be good for the environment?…

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