The cyber security threat is a complex subject, which is still not well understood and not well recognised by businesses. There is a communication gap between the costs of security breaches and the perceived business benefits of cyber security solutions.

Many UK cyber security solution vendors could benefit from an improved ability to articulate their solution’s value at a business level, so they can better overcome both the complacency of some organisations and the reliance, by IT staff, on layers of legacy hardware-based solutions. The new paradigm is not a sale to the IT department, but a sale at board level, justified by a financial business case.

The UK has a great position to exploit in Cyber Security services and high-level solutions, but our commercial organisations need to bolster their sales capability.

There is some good practice. For example the complete Avecto infographic shows how Avecto highlights the internal security threat. But often sales people have to struggle with complex messaging and vague justification… another case for a comprehensive sales enablement programme!