What are your five key responses to the changing sales environment? Many companies, especially those selling complex solutions, have had their traditional sales cycle disrupted by the restrictions on holding face-to-face meetings and the difficulty of flying in experts.

“When events change, I change my mind.”

John Maynard Keynes

You can wait for things to get better, working around the restrictions, or you can adapt. Here are five actions you can take immediately to improve your situation:

  1. Talk to your customers remotely about their changing needs e.g. securing the ‘stay-at-home’ workforce, financing etc
  2. Adjust your proposition to these changing needs
  3. Review your sales targets. Check they are still achievable and appropriate. An unachievable target may no longer be an incentive
  4. Collect and disseminate knowledge of your solutions and how to sell them
  5. Enable sellers to sell. Arm them with the knowledge to sell each specific proposition/solution in your portfolio. Make sure everyone in the team is on the same sheet. And ensure they know how to align your offer to your customers’ needs

In addition to these five steps, you may also need to close any gaps between Sales and Marketing. You can then ensure that sellers are pushing on an open door and the right door. Do this by focusing first on understanding how Sales engage with customers. From that derive the marketing support required; this is the reverse of the approach taken in most organizations.

The result will be improved sales and reduced costs. I’ve heard of companies being amazed by how much they are currently saving on travel alone. The key is to address the whole sales process, and maximize returns, not cut costs.

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Sales Enablement is Expertek’s business. It’s the key to ensuring that salespeople can sell complex solutions. This requires a mix of skills, so we work closely with all your sales-related functions. We bring together sales, marketing, and product management to re-energize sales in the shortest possible timescales.

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