Sales and marketing probably throw up more erroneous and irrelevant facts and statistics than politics. Have a quick read of this extract from an article on sales cycle management:

Quotation text

‘Considering that among all survey respondents, 24% of “sure thing” deals (formal opportunities assigned a likely-to-close percentage of 80% or higher in the current selling period) eventually leak out into subsequent sales cycles, there is a great value in achieving even a few percentage points of improvement around improving deal velocity.’

I have no problem with the conclusion, but the stats are really telling us that 24% of the 20% of deals that are unlikely to close, will not close!

Put another way… if it’s 80% likely to close, that doesn’t that mean that 24% leaking is a bad thing! Otherwise, the “sure thing” deals would be rated at 100%. If they leak into subsequent sales cycles, I assume they mean sales period, then at least they are not lost! This reminds me of the shocking statistic that:

50% of doctors are below average”!

[For more on sales or deal velocity see this article on the Sales Velocity Equation].