A Partnership Development Checklist

Expanding internationally is rarely easy and is often approached on an opportunistic basis. If you decide to expand through partnerships, there are a lot of things to consider. Here’s a partnership development checklist for building an effective sales partnership:

  1. Have clear Partnering Objectives: “Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.” ― Michael Porter
  2. Define your Partner Proposition and Messaging: this will be different to your end-customer messaging
  3. Document your Partner Requirements: don’t just let the wrong partner find you
  4. Ensure your product/service is partner-ready: selling through/with partners may require product development or just more focused propositions
  5. Ensure the partnership is commercially attractive: don’t expect your partner to work hard for nothing; equally, ensure you reap the rewards if things go well and protect your organisation if things go bad – no partnership lasts forever
  6. Don’t underestimate Enablement and Management: it’s key to maximising the value of the relationship
  7. Test. Check that your partner proposition is attractive and that there are partners that you can work with in your chosen market
  8. Allocate sufficient resources to Partnering: money, people and changes to your internal processes and culture
  9. Use a structured approach: a Partnership Framework [Link to www.partnerframe.biz], or similar to help you avoid the pitfalls
  10. Get help: most companies partner because they can’t commit resources to direct sales – so don’t assume you’ll have all the resources required internally

These are all covered by the Partnership Framework – a free resource.

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