Solutions documentation: not a great subject to get people shouting and screaming. There’s an easy workaround; time and effort. But at what cost?

How many times have you or your sales teams spent time trying to find the right document to explain one of the complex solutions you sell? How much have you invested in reams of documentation that nobody looks at?

If a production facility had the same problem, with people running around trying to find the information on how to build a product, it would get resolved. But because it’s buried in the overhead, and involves emails not movement, it doesn’t get fixed. The constant emailing and interaction even looks productive, but to misuse a line from the famous poem, it’s a case of Not waving but drowning!

In this short eBook, we’ve outlined our views and approach to solving the issue of ‘Solutions Documentation’. This paper explains how using a simple, structured approach you can address this challenge. It’s primarily a call to action rather than a guide. Any solutions must be developed to suit the organization; externally applied templates risk making the problem worse.