Recent research, a survey to be more precise, suggested that 40% of marketing resources are being dedicated to lead generation. This figure will vary from sector to sector and company to company, but that figure worries me!

Marketers in technology businesses (should) have a wide remit, and if you are spending a large proportion of your time on lead generation how are you accomplishing the other, even more challenging tasks?

Tasks such as:

  • Steering the product development agenda so it meets customers’, and future customers’, needs
  • Analysing and refining the commercial offer so that the pricing and pricing strategy maximise profit
  • Defining the route to market strategy
  • Ensuring that direct sales people and partners are enabled to sell your solution

The truth is that some marketers are comfortable with just focusing on lead generation; it’s an area they know a lot about. And it doesn’t require challenging interactions with other functions such as product experts, accountants and sales people.

Am I being too harsh?