I find fewer and fewer people these days prepared to admit that they might not know everything. It seems some people need to defend their role by claiming they know it all. That could be a barrier to sales.

I’m inclined to counteract that in a sales meeting by drawing attention to the gap between where they’re at and where they need to be, questioning what they’re not yet doing and why that’s preventing them getting there; if they know it all, why aren’t they there? It’s rarely a question of continuously doing what’s working.

My own sales efforts these days are less about finding people to persuade; I search for those willing to question what they’re missing. Those with a ‘growth mindset’. Of course, some might say that’s not hard-core selling and that you should be able to sell to anyone with a potential need. Maybe, but life’s too short for breaking down that particular barrier to sales.

One way to encourage a more challenging approach is to have insights from an objective assessment. This could cover, for example, Sales Enablement  – a less challenging area for prospects than say Sales Skills, but nonetheless important. Even better, a good objective assessment of a sales team (not individuals) would spark off some useful debate between sales directors and their salespeople, hopefully generating thoughts on what would potentially increase results!

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