A recent LinkedIn post highlighted Tesla’s need for multi-disciplined engineers.

I started my career as an engineer, developing automotive electronics. I always thought that as well as specialists, we need more rounded people. Those that could bridge the mechanical, electrical and production engineering disciplines, not to mention software and user interfaces.

But recruiting someone that, according to Tesla, needs to be a “hybrid of a mechanical engineer, software engineer, electrical engineer” might be a tall order. Especially as the jobs spec says:

  • Minimum 3-5 years exp. in mechanical design and drafting
  • Experience developing client/server architectures, and interfacing with database systems
  • Mechanical aptitude, fabrication skills, machining, hand tools, and general electronics

I’m not saying these people don’t exist, but in my experience, these are different skills. The overall challenge is addressed by good teamwork, not a superwoman (or man).

The post also stated, “Some argue that Tesla is a tech company while others argue it’s an automaker”. That’s a fatuous debate. Automotive engineering has always relied on tech, although getting new tech into cars is a long process due to the stringent performance, safety and (low) cost requirements