At times it appears that there are more sustainability, green and environmental organisations than people on the planet, but with the underlying issues being so large and pervasive I guess it’s not surprising. In the future I hope to provide a map to guide you to the most useful contacts but for the moment let me just highlight three smaller companies that are involved in this area:

ecoConnect is a CIC, a limited liability company designed for social enterprises. It’s aim is to promote collaboration between the various stakeholders involved in cleantech.  It has a growing website that will eventually build into a collaboration platform but it currently focuses on some interesting and high profile networking events, usually in London.

Greenbang is a sustainability media and marketing consultancy which has a good newsletter featuring news and comment. They produce some specialist reports, mainly around smart energy, metering and grids.

Verdantixis an ‘independent analyst firm’ which produces in-depth research and reports on companies approach to sustainability, energy and carbon management, very much in the Forrester/Gartner tradition, although I am sure they’d hate to hear that. They are providing a critical eye where it’s needed.

Each of these companies provides an interesting insight into the commercial environmental landscape.