What does sales need… from Marketing?

High-value B2B technology sales teams need marketing to:

  1. Develop and position the product/service to meet the requirements of each market segment, so the competition can’t compete on equal terms
  2. Raise awareness in the target market(s) of the product/service benefits, to open the door and warm the sales contacts to the proposition
  3. Provide market insight, so sales can have business-level conversations with prospects
  4. Generate qualified leads, so that Sales can commit effort to real prospects

Sales enablement can address the ’1’ and ‘3’ in the list. It can help bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing, helping marketing to align with sales and to focus on what helps sales nurture prospects and win business. Starting sales enablement early can also improve ‘2’ and ‘4’ by providing the marketing team with the information they need to improve the focus of their activities. But the primary role of sales enablement is to make it easier to sell your solutions.

The action

Sales Enablement is Expertek’s business. It’s the key to ensuring that salespeople can sell complex solutions. It requires a mix of skills, so we work closely with all your sales-related functions. We bring together sales, marketing, and product management to re-energize sales in the shortest possible timescales.

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