Sales and Marketing Integration

We have extensive experience of working across companies – with sales, marketing and product management teams. Our projects and workshops are designed to get the best out of the wider team and help align these often disparate groups. Our external, objective position is key to getting a step-change in performance.

Sales Needs Analysis

Under-performing sales is a symptom of poor sales and marketing alignment. We objectively analyse what sales need to be effective from a materials, tools and support perspective. If there is a significant gap, we can identify the specific issues that need to be addressed and the best way to resolve them.

Facilitation and Mentoring

Sometimes groups need some short-term support to clarify the issues and determine the best path. Through our extensive experience of facilitating workshops and of 1:1 mentoring we help companies make progress without becoming dependent on us for support. And our extended network allows us to recommend other experienced companies and individuals that can help.