Solution and Proposition Development

Internal teams sometimes find it a challenge to define propositions for complex solutions. Using our Solutions Workshop and Proposition Framework we are able to cut through the complexity and define the offer, proposition and messaging in simple terms. For indirect routes to market this will include the ‘to partner’, ‘with partner’ and ‘to customer’ perspectives.


Generic messaging may be good for brand positioning but is not persuasive. Working closely with clients we use our Proposition Framework to develop simple role-specific messaging which can be used and re-used in all marketing channels and materials. This drives consistency and makes the customer engagement more compelling.


Understanding your customer is the key to successful marketing and selling. We help you identify and define the attributes, desires and needs of key decision makers and influencers in your target customer organisations. You can then focus your marketing and sales messages more precisely, and give your customer-facing staff a better understanding of what motivates your customers.

Content Creation

The insight developed during our enablement projects allows us to create content – web text, white papers and articles – that is informative and aligned to the core proposition and messaging. Often these can be designed to solve a specific sales issue, such as financial justification or transition management.