Marketing Strategy

We take a pragmatic approach to marketing strategy – aiming to add value by identifying the right approach to marketing – saving our clients’ time and money by focusing on the most effective approach. Our starting point is often an existing strategy – ineffective in generating the expected revenues and margin – which we refine and improve.

Product Positioning

If you are finding it difficult to compete in a crowded market we can help you analyse and improve your Product Positioning. Our aim is to differentiate your offer and position your solution in ‘clear space’ away from competitors. To achieve this requires careful consideration of the segmentation and messaging.


Segmentation should be core to any marketing strategy, but companies often find it difficult to be decisive and objective about their target segments. We focus on needs rather than industry standard sectors. By taking an objective approach we help you focus on specific markets, optimising your investment in sales and marketing and making it easier to develop compelling messages.

Go To Market Planning

Turning strategy into action requires a plan. A balanced plan will lever your existing position in the market and use the most effective channels to communicate with your partners, influencers and customers. We set the direction and enable you and your marketing agency to get early traction by using the most appropriate marketing mix.

Account Based Marketing

The resurgence in Account Based Marketing (ABM) has been prompted by the need to align sales and marketing effort to get more from the marketing budget. To us ABM is just good marketing practice; we help clients plan and implement focused campaigns to increase their share-of-wallet.

Product Launch

Product Launch is a complex process that needs to be led internally; our Market Readiness Assessment is a valuable pre-launch activity, ideally undertaken prior to customer engagement. It ensures that all activities are covered and that sales, marketing and product management are brought together effectively. Early rectification of any latent problems saves the costs of wasted sales effort and confused customers.

Customer Business Case

We believe the Customer Business Case – the monetary value of the proposition to the end-customer – is a great way of identifying the most valuable features of an offer and providing insight for the sales team. It underpins the customer’s subjective decision making. Business cases can be complex, so our approach highlights the key costs and benefits and can add informed reasoning to pricing decisions.